Smartphone review Xiaomi Redmi Note.

Xiaomi is a unique Chinese company that began its journey with the release of MIUI firmware in 2010, and four years later was able to take the 3rd place in terms of sales in its home market. Initially choosing a path similar to Apple, it presented one flagship with an excellent price / quality ratio, but gradually the company’s portfolio expanded due to even more affordable offers. You are already familiar with most of the latest models – these are two versions of the Mi-3 flagship and the available Red Rice (Hongmi). Today we will get acquainted with Xiaomi Redmi Note – a smartphone with a 5.5-inch HD-screen, built on the 8-core MediaTek platform. *


Redmi Note comes in a box made of unpainted cardboard with thick walls, familiar to other Xiaomi smartphones, designed to protect the device from road adventures. It contains: a smartphone, a 2A charger block (with a Chinese plug and an adapter Modems Manual | PDF | 4 G | Mobile Technology to a European outlet), a cable, and documentation. On the back of the box, you can now find technical information in Ukrainian.

Design and ergonomics.

The smartphone has the simplest possible design. The front panel is covered with glass, most of it is occupied by a screen with medium-width frames. Above it is a narrow speaker grille, a front camera lens, an indicator light and a set of sensors. The glass is framed by a plastic strip that rises to a minimum above its surface. Under the screen are three touch-sensitive keys “Menu”, “Home” and “Back” with a neat red backlight. The power and volume buttons are located on the right side of the case, on the bottom there is a Micro-USB connector and a microphone, on the top there is a 3.5 mm jack and a second microphone. At the back you can see a camera lens with a flash, a corporate logo and a fine mesh of the ringing speaker.

The case is collapsible, in order to remove the cover, you need to pull it near the interface connector. It is made in the form of a “bath”, the keys are fixed in the lid. Under it we see a branded orange battery and connectors for two mini-SIM-cards and a memory card. You cannot replace them without removing the battery.

Despite the collapsible design, the assembled Redmi Note is excellent. The case practically does not lend itself to twisting, there are no backlash in the lid or creaking under strong squeezing. At first glance, the smartphone looks too rectangular, but thanks to the smoothed corners and the rounded lid, it fits well in the hand. The physical buttons are also pleasant to use – they protrude slightly above the body and have a well-distinguishable soft touch. The glossy white lid resists scratches and fingerprints well.

In all this, exactly two things are confusing. Firstly, the weight of the device is 199 grams, which is quite a lot, especially if you compare it with classmates, and secondly, the lid is very slippery, which is especially noticeable with such a weight, it is quite easy to accidentally drop a smartphone.

Comparison of the dimensions of smartphones with 5.2-5.5-inch screens Parameter / Device Xiaomi Redmi Note LG G3 LG Optimus G Pro Lenovo Vibe Z Huawei Honor 3X Screen, diagonal 5.5

In such a situation, only buying a cover or another back cover can save you. The second option seems more suitable, especially since there are many original and compatible accessories for Xiaomi smartphones.

Operating system and shell.

The smartphone runs MIUI 5th version based on Android 4.2.2. Since the days of Xiaomi Mi-2, the appearance and capabilities of the shell have practically not changed, therefore, for a detailed description of it, we advise you to refer to the corresponding review.


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