Did you know that the average guy will never meet the woman he always wanted? In other words, he will settle with what life throws at him. Don’t be average and have a look at these dating tips for men to make women become fascinated by you.

An average guy will think that women are difficult. An average guy will know deep in his heart that he will never be able to attract a beautiful woman. An average guy will never know how to have compelling conversations with women. Don’t be average and apply these dating tips for men to get women fascinated by you when you talk to them. These advices I’ll provide to you will make any woman, yes, any woman, fascinated by your conversation skills.

We all know that women love good talkers; here is how to become one:

1. The first of these dating tips for men to becoming a great talker is talk interestingly

This is the first rule you have to accept. Whenever you talk in a boring way or discuss a boring subject with a woman, she will think of only two things: “This guy is terribly unattractive” and, “I want out!” I’ve once heard a very handsome guy who could literally attract any woman he wants talking with an attractive woman about his last promotion and how he bought a “BMW”… You could tell by looking at the girl that even though he was stunning, she wasn’t that into him, in fact, an average guy sitting near him was making all women look at him with great desire because his girlfriend was laughing and flirting with him so intensely.

Here are some guidelines to apply:

  • Never talk about boring subjects like: the weather, economy, promotion, your car, a BMW…
  • Always try to entertain her, I’m not saying here that you should become a clown, what I’m referring to is you knowing what women want to talk about and talk about it.
  • The most fascinating subjects for women are: love, relationships matters, gossiping celebrities, nutrition, dating advice…

2. The second of these dating tips for men to becoming a great talker is pay attention body language

Did you know that Kodak has made a study in which they’ve found that less than 7% of communication is verbal? In other words, what you say accounts only for seven percent. This stuff is amazing, and if you don’t know about it, you would be wasting time with women trying to explain yourself verbally. Your body language is powerful! I know a guy who could approach a woman and say only three words and get her phone number.

Whenever you talk with a woman remember that what you say is not that important to her, it’s how you say it and more importantly how you make your body language send the right messages to her.


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